So have you finally broken down and started using EBOL’s yet?  We have with our drivers.  Phone apps are more popular than ever and keep filtering into all types of our daily work lives.  For about 5 years now there has been an ebol company called Super Dispatch and as much as I fought it along with my drivers there is no comparison to the written bol and the EBOL.  Bek is the owner and creator of this wonderful app and has made our live’s and our driver’s so much easier.  I know many of the old timers who use a  written bol will tell you they don’t like it–don’t want to change but they didn’t plan on having to use elog books either but look where we are now.  The Super Dispatch app  lets you put everything on a load board for your driver.  The driver is then notified he has a load and it gives him all the details without handwriting anything or finding a fax machine.  At pickup driver scans in the vin–takes pics of any damage — has owner sign and then sends him over an email or fax of his copy of the bol.  So dang easy!  But wait it gets even better.  Once driver delivers  all we have to do is push the invoice button and it conveniently sends the invoice over to the broker for payment.  Now wait you are thinking that’s the best part but its not!  The best part is the pictures that are time/date stamped at pickup. I’ve already had a couple of occasions at delivery where they tried to claim damage and quite easily I sent them over the pictures and it was resolved immediately with no damage claim.  I know as a carrier adding more expenses to your monthly bills is sometimes overwhelming but the expense of 55.00 a month will more than make up the difference in time and potential claims.  So if you want to follow us into the tech age go check out . They have a free trial–see if you like it–You will!  Tell them Sue with Murphy sent you and tell them to say Hi and Thanks to Bek for me  for giving us a such a fantastic tool in the auto transport industry.