So if you are in the business of transporting cars most of you know what load boards we deal with. Now if you have been in the business for the last 15 years then you know that this is an ever-changing industry.  Central Dispatch is the main load board for all of us transporters and brokers alike.  It’s a love hate relationship we all have with Central.
The Hate:
They are soo expensive!!
No help with non-payments from brokers or transporters!
You have to jump through hoops to get a negative that never happened off–if you are lucky.
They take the negatives off of companies that deserve it!
     So what pray tell are they good for lol?  Well, unfortunately, there is no other load board out there that can do the same thing. Whether they want to admit it or not they have a monopoly on this industry.  Others have tried yet no one has survived.  But really how could they?  You figure that there are 1000’s of brokers and transporters all of us are paying an astronomical fee to Central Dispatch. So you sign up for another board and have to pay them too.   Well, that’s not going to happen.  We all know it takes a lot to run trucks and expenses add up, who wants to pay for another load board.  So say they make it free for 30 days.  Ok, you signed up, but did the other 1000’s of people sign up so you can find loads, well Hell no they didn’t!
The Love:
Not too much to say about that other than they are the only load board we can use.
     So we are stuck with the good, the bad and the ugly from Central Dispatch and unfortunately, there is not a dang thing any of us can do. About 3-4 years ago Central Dispatch sold out for millions and doubled the prices.  So they just made millions and raised our rates, well go figure they are millionaires for a reason.  So we get the shaft as usual.  Now during this time I did a mass emailing to transporters and brokers alike and we did actually get them to lower the prices from what they wanted.
     So you guessed it, its that time again, time to raise prices.   Now here is my only dilemma with this scenario.  Are they going to do any more for us if they raise the price?  Hell no they aren’t! They changed the format i.e. look which everyone hates but they did not per se improve anything. They still do not help with past due payments–They let transporters list cars as billings who in turn do not pay timely or at all.
        So why bother with the rant because its fun? NO we need a change. If we are going to pay out so much to this company then we should get more Bang for the Buck!  Brokers provide the loads for transporters so it’s not central listing the cars they just provide a website only.  If you are a transporter you probably pay 109.95 a month  if you are a broker it depends on how many listings you do in a month. One month 30 listings is 99.95 a month and can go as high at 500.00 a month.
            We all need to RANT and send emails to central.   Who’s with ME!  You don’t have to be rude or nasty just ask them for lower rates!  Like my momma always said if you don’t ask you will never know!