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Murphy Auto Dispatch Services

Murphy's dispatch team allows you to just drive! No sitting at truck stops waiting for loads to appear. Our team of Dispatchers are here to help you! Our specialty is 3 and 4 car haulers and we have been dispatching transporters for over 15 years.
We rely on excellent communication between us, drivers and all parties involved. We talk with the driver continuously throughout the day. Together we can build the best routes based upon what preferences you may have. It''s very important to us to build a professional business relationship based on trust and respect with each and every transporter we work with.
After a vehicle has been transported we send out the BOL and Invoice to make sure that you get paid fast and on time!


Here are answers to some of your questions about our auto hauler dispatch service

How do I sign up for Murphy Auto Dispatch?

Signing up is easy. Give us a call at 417-273-0021 to see how we can help you with our dispatch service. One of our agents will be more than happy to help. You can also e-mail us at murphyautotransport31@yahoo.com.

Do I need a Central Dispatch account?

As a carrier you will be required to have your own Central Dispatch account. Central Dispatch is the leading load board. A transporter’s company reputation is based in large part upon a good rating on Central part of our job is to make sure that we give and receive ratings.

What about Super Dispatch?

Murphy Auto Dispatch utilizes Super Dispatch and we ask that your company signs up with them for their EBOL system. Super Dispatch software fully integrates all aspects of the car hauling process. Your BOLs are all in one place and you can access information on past loads with the click of a button. It also helps with keeping claims nonexistent as pictures are required at pickup and delivery to assure all damage is noted.

What does Murphy Auto Dispatch do?

We are a full service dispatch service. You will have a dedicated dispatcher from 8:00AM – 5:00PM. This includes all paperwork, signups and contracts that need to be completed. We also send out your BOLs and generate an invoice for each vehicle you transport. At the end of every working week you will receive a weekly invoice and accounts receivables. The Invoice keeps track of all the vehicles you have transported, so that when it comes time to do your taxes you have all the information in one place. The Accounts Receivables list keeps track of all of your pending billings with dates  and from whom each week.

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